Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare is preparing to be reviewed for accreditation, but how does that affect you?

MAHC CEO Natalie Bubela says it’s an opportunity to review the operations in each hospital and make sure they’re continuing to provide quality healthcare for Muskoka residents.

“It ensures we’re meeting standards to deliver high-quality safe care,” says Bubela. “And that our processes support that delivery of a quality culture and safety within Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare.”

In December, Accreditation Canada will send a team of trained surveyors to Muskoka’s hospitals to complete on-site reviews as part of the process. Bubela says this will also provide MAHC with a unique opportunity to hear what best practices other hospitals are using across the country.

“They can share those with us so that we can look and see whether those are things that we can actually implement here.”

Bubela says preparing for an accreditation review is a rigorous process that takes over a year to prepare.

“It’s supposed to be an ongoing process so that over the four years you’re constantly looking to review standards and make sure that you’re at that level,” says Bubela. “Most organizations, about a year in advance of the scheduled survey, begin to ramp up their review of processes to ensure that there is compliance.”

Bubela says it’s all hands on deck usually as every member of the hospital staff is involved in preparing for the review in some way.

The voluntary process happens every four years and is a way for hospitals across Canada to ensure they’re meeting standards set by Accreditation Canada’s affiliate the Health Standards Organization.

According to MAHC, the standards fall within six patient safety areas:

Safety Culture: Create a culture of safety within the organization

Communication: Promote effective information transfer with clients and team members across the continuum of care

Medication Use: Ensure the safe use of high-risk medications

Worklife/Workforce: Create a worklife and physical environment that supports the safe delivery of care and service

Infection Control: Reduce the risk of healthcare-associated infections and their impact across the continuum of care

Risk Assessment: Identify and mitigate safety risks inherent in the client population

You can find out more about how Accreditation Canada measures these standards here.

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