Time to get that hour back that you lost in the spring.

Daylight savings time ends at 2:00am Sunday morning, with clocks reverting to 1:00am at that point. For many people, the time change doesn’t sink in until they see the clock on the stove give a false reading.

The good news all your electronic devices, such as phones, ipads, computers, and tablets manage the time shift all on their own.

Cars, for some reason, do not possess this wizardry and will require you to find the owner’s manual or a search online to remember how to change the dash clock.

Daylight savings time is typically for countries that are either in the northern or southern hemispheres. Summer offers the most daylight hours for those countries. While Canada and the US are ending Daylight Saving Time, in Australia, for example, started October 7th and will end in April 2019.

Countries close to the equator get 12 hours of day and night year round so many do not participate in the semi-annual time shift.

The bottom line is parents will probably struggle to wake kids in the dark on Monday. Caution should be used when taking them to their bus stop in low-light conditions. Reflective coats or armbands are a good idea this time of year.