It was listed as inadvertent.

The taking and clearing of additional temporary workspace on private property was how TransCanada pipeline referred to a situation in Gravenhurst as part of an update to the town and residents about its pipeline installations in the area.

My Muskoka Now News was unable to reach the project lead with TransCanada, Sarah Beasley. A call to Andrew Stacey from the Town of Gravenhurst Public Works department revealed that the town has no role with the pipeline project and he could not provide details of the land use in question.

On October 3rd, 2018 TransCanada submitted a project update to the National Energy Board about the taking of the private property and what measures were taken to resolve it.

TransCanada said in the report that “the matter was managed directly with the impacted landowner and is now resolved.”

The NEB asked TransCanada to take any actions deemed necessary to follow the Environmental Protection Plan on the impacted land.  According to the report TransCanada has done this.

The Gravenhurst Pipe Replacement project has been underway since 2017, with the first phase completed a year ago.

That part of the project included replacement of 900 metres of 30-inch pipeline.

A second phase of construction saw the installation of 400 metres of 36-inch pipeline placed under the Severn River.

The final phase of the construction started in September and is expected to be completed shortly with the replaced pipeline going into service at the end of November.