A local hardware store is making another donation to help ensure safer homes in Gravenhurst.

The Gravenhurst Home Hardware donated 100 carbon monoxide alarms to the Gravenhurst Fire Department, the second straight year it has done so.

It is CO awareness week and the donation will help local families who might not be able to afford an alarm to have a safe home.

“There are many families with differing needs in our community, but no one should lack basic safety in their homes where they should be safest,” store owner Ian McNaughton said in a press release.

The donation was done in association with the charity ‘Nolan’s Story’. Nolan Young was  12-years old when he died accidentally from carbon monoxide poisoning.

“It’s our responsibility to spread the word about his death so that we might prevent another child from suffering the same fate,” said Anna Frigault, Nolan’s grandmother. “We fundraise annually for the project, and are happy the funds raised are being put to good use.”

Chief Larry Brassard is very touched by the on-going support.

“Last year, the Ontario based charity ‘Nolan’s Story’ partnered with Gravenhurst Home Hardware to donate 100 CO alarms to our department, which have all been given out to families in our community,” said  Brassard. “With our supply now exhausted, Home Hardware and ‘Nolan’s Story’ have just donated another 100 CO alarms. We’re obviously delighted at this show of support from the community.”

McNaughton along with his wife Tara are pleased to donate to families around Gravenhurst again. 

“It’s a wonderful tribute to Nolan Young and we are grateful to be able to continue to support this initiative,” says McNaughton.

If you know someone who needs an alarm but can’t afford to buy one, please call the fire department at 705-687-3414.