Registration for take-our-kid-to-work day is now open for parents in TLDSB’s district

The Trillium Lakelands District School Board is reminding parents that you can now register for the annual event. Although the day itself is not until the 14th of November, the school board is encouraging people to register now.

Take-our-kid-to-work day started in 1994 by the Learning Partnership. According to the Learning Partnership, the day is the most recognized career exploration event in Canada. The day of, students all over the country are excused from class to go with their parent or guardian to their place of work and get a first-hand experience what the working world looks like after high school.

The Learning Partnership encourages planning out a day of activities and giving the students a checklist of things to accomplish by the end of the day. They also suggest giving the young people some kind of ice-breaking activity to get them talking to staff aside from the parent they are there with.

In Ontario, it is Grade nine students, whereas in Manitoba it is senior one, and Quebec students going to work are secondary three.