The school board probably won’t feel the effects of proposed changes to service animal legislation.

The Trillium Lakelands District School Board says that even if proposed changes to service animal legislation goes through, they are one of 39 schools that already have policies in place for service animals. Catherine Shedden, the Communications Manager for TLDSB, says that it’s hard to say how this will impact the schools in the district, adding that the number of service animals in the schools vary from year to year.

Shedden says that the TLDSB has had a policy in place for a number of years. Shedden says that the TLDSB has certain specifications on what service animal can come into the schools, she adds “There has to be a requirement for accessing the curriculum.”

Sheddan told My Haliburton Now’s Newsroom that although service animals are typically dogs, she says that the type of animal can vary from person to person and be decided on in a case by case scenario.

The proposed changes to legislation “would provide guidance on service animals to school boards when developing their own policies to ensure families of students with special needs experience a fair and transparent process when requesting that their children be able to bring a service animal to school,” says the Ministry of Education.