Support for math teachers will continue in the local public school board.

Teachers in the Trillium Lakeland District School Board will continue to receive support from the board for Additional Qualifications courses.

The Ontario Teachers’ Federation said in a release earlier this month that subsidies established by the previous Liberal government for teachers to take additional qualifications are coming to an end.

The TLDSB says it does not have the numbers of teachers who take AQ but says there is ongoing math support through the school board. Spokesperson Sinead Fegan said in an email that, “we also have staff who work with teachers in classrooms to support their needs including math instruction.”

She adds that the board has offered subsidies in the past for a specific AQ math course at Lakehead University and sometimes offer math programs in the summer for interested teachers. OTF President Diane Dewing said in the previous statement the last anticipated influx of provincial government cash to fund the subsidies.