There’s no substitute for winter tires.

That’s the message Melanie Trottier, regional marketing planner for the Ministry of Transportation, wants to get across.

She says if you’re thinking about just leaving your all-seasons on for the winter, you might want to think again. All-season tires are made of a harder compound, which is great for driving in the summer, but not in the winter, Trottier says. Winter tires are softer, which means they’ll be more flexible in cold weather. Also, the treads on winter tires have grooves in them that allow for better driving through wet, slushy conditions.

“I like to think winter tires are like shoes,” Trottier says. “If you need to put on boots to go for a walk in winter, you should also put on winter tires.”

For more winter driving tips, go to the Ministry of Transportation’s website.

With files from Matt Reisler