It will be free admission to the Bethune Memorial House National Historic Site on November 12th.

Dr. Norman Bethune in uniform.

Parks Canada is trying to urge youth and families to experience its historical sites. The group, History Matters, will help visitors enjoy the Bethune Memorial site in Gravenhurst, as Dr. Norman Bethune is remembered for his extensive medical and military service.

Bethune, a Gravenhurst native, did three tours of duty in the Army, Navy and Air Force during World War I.  Admission will be free to all as it will also be the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice of the First World War.

Activities include a re-enactment to experience what it was like to be a field medic in the trenches. Visitors are also invited to try on vintage costumes, carry a stretcher and examine battlefront medical instruments used during the war.

There is also a fully restored World War 1 era ambulance on display.