The School Board is doing their best to get kids to take time away from screens.

Take Me Outside Day started in 2011 by Colin Harris, the eventual founder and executive director of the day, ran 7,600 kilometres from St John’s Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia. During the run, Harris visited 80 schools talking about the importance of balancing screen and outdoor time. The end of his run was in late October, so he decided to create Take Me Outside Day and celebrates it every October 24th since then.

To get involved in the day, students, teachers and parents are encouraged to commit to spending at least one hour outside on October 24th. Harris says that ideally this hour outside happens during class time. But he adds that recess or lunch is good too.

Another way to get involved is to register with Take Me Outside by emailing

Harris says that how you spend your time is up to you, adding that there is no time limit on how long to be outside. A list of ideas of what to do outside can be found here.

The last thing that Harris suggests to get involved, is spread the word about the day any way you can.