Some residents of Bracebridge did a double take on Manitoba Street Saturday.

It looked like the town had gone from reasonably mild post-Thanksgiving October to snowy Christmas.  The good news was the snow was actually fake, a type of soapy foam, and there are still quite a few weeks left of shopping. The Hallmark Channel was in town for the first day of production for the seasonal flick “Christmas in Grand Valley”.

It all went rather smoothly with paid duty OPP officers stopping and starting traffic as needed. Pedestrians still had access to the shops along the street, though occasionally had to hold up during a quick take.

Producer David Anselme told My Muskoka Now News that Bracebridge was giving the production a new look as it was the first time in the town for them.

“Bracebridge provides us with a new unique look that we have never shot before,” said Anselme.  “So this is going to be great for the visual of something new for the Hallmark Channel, so we are really excited to be here.”

Production is taking a two-day break before resuming on Wednesday.


Movie filming in Bracebridge to bring road closures