The O.P.P. say that Thanksgiving was historical for all the wrong reasons.

According to Ontario’s police force, this long weekend was one of the “one of the deadliest Thanksgiving weekends in recent years.” police report that there were four different fatal incidents that claimed the lives of eight people.

O.P.P. says that all of the crashes happened on October 6th. The first one happened in Port Perry, the crash was a two-vehicle collision that took the lives of three people and hurt two others. The second was in the Guelph area, that crash also took the lives of three people. The other fatalities were the result of two separate crashes in Elgin County and Brant County.

Aside from the collisions, O.P.P. report that their fall seatbelt campaign resulted in 2,475 seatbelt related charges, as well the Operation Impact campaign targeted inattentive, aggressive and drug or alcohol use while driving led to 6,934 charges.