Here is the latest update from the Capital Plan Development Task Force for the Muskoka Algonquin Health Care two hospital site plan.

A pair of personnel changes hit the task force as Don Mitchell and new MAHC Board Chair Philip Matthews resigned their posts. Also welcomed on to the task force was Esther Millar who oversees MAHC Chief Nursing and Clinical Services.

The task force said it is committed to maintaining its scheduled goal of completing the project in the spring of 2019.

Next major steps include looking at options for buildings, the location of the two acute care sites, organizing cost estimates and also revealing what the community’s share cost portions will be.

The task force report indicated this portion of work would rely heavily on consultants and MAHC clinical leaders will use workshops to determine footprint layouts, service spaces and where they should be located.

The next meeting of the task force takes place on October, 22nd.