Can Ontario cops smoke pot come October 17th?

That is a question that is looming for the OPP and other police forces around the country.

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) put out a brief memorandum to its membership but it centred around the implementation of new legalization laws. When it comes to personal use guidelines there is a brief line suggesting frontline officers will adjust to the new legal landscape.

There will be bumps along the road as Canadians adjust to the new reality, but we have no doubt our officers will do their jobs in this area with dedication and wisdom,” the statement reads.

A recent request for clarification by the My Muskoka Now newsroom to Central OPP district resulted in a response that policy was still being developed.

The Ottawa Police Service has announced that its rank and file is permitted to use cannabis in off hours but must meet the burden of fitness for duty.

In Vancouver, police officers will also self-evaluate fitness for duty.

Essentially at this point, it is wait and see for residents of Muskoka on what their police service will be legally be allowed to do during off hours.