Each year the Moose talks with local mayoralty candidates about the issues and this year’s no different. Today we hear from Graydon Smith, who is running for re-election in Bracebridge.

We asked Smith what he would do to help make sure Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare maintains important access to local hospital services for Bracebridge.

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Here’s his comments on boosting the number of year-round jobs here…

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Smith was also asked about green job creation and reducing Bracebridge’s carbon footprint.

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Youth migration out of Muskoka continues to be a problem. Smith was asked what he’d do if re-elected to help keep youth employed in our area.

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Keeping taxes low is on everybody’s minds when it comes to thinking about local government. Here’s what Smith said when asked about his plan to keep taxes low if he’s re-elected…

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Stay tuned next week to hear from more area candidates on the issues!