Liberal leader Justin Trudeau says yesterday’s events were a shared national tragedy.  Trudeau says let us let the world know that Canada is strong and stands united.  We are together.  Corporal Nathan Cirrillo was murdered while guarding a monument; he was a hero.  Trudeau says we need to remember there is a little boy who lost his father in a sudden and tragic way.  We will honour his memory.

He offers his deep and sincere gratitude to the brave women and men who selflessly and courageously came to our aid yesterday.  And to the Sergeant of Arms, Trudeau says your heroic actions have been acclaimed far and wide and rightly so.  Kevin Vickers, without your courage a terrible situation could have been much worse.  We are in your debt.  Canadians are proud of you and we thank you.  Trudeau says yesterday attacks were designed to frighten us, and embed within us with an image of terror.  To make us forget who we are.  Trudeau says we must remember, acts of terror will not dictate our values.  He says they do not get to change us.  We will walk together, never apart.