Calling all Android users, Environment Canada needs your help.

The federal agency is testing out a new weather app and is looking for your feedback. Meteorologist Gerald Cheng says there is a special feature EC offers that you may not get with other weather apps.

“It will deliver a severe weather alert notification, it will give you the latest forecast,” says Cheng. “We want to make sure people are safe given what happened in Ottawa and given what happened in South Western Ontario with the tornadoes, we just want people to get our alerts.”

The notifications will cover all weather alerts from snowfall warnings to heat watches. You can also specify which regions you want to see alerts for.

“You can set it up any way you want,” says Cheng. “You can turn it off if it becomes a nuisance, it’s really up to the user.”

Cheng says they’re not sure yet when the app will be widely available for download.

“We’ll see how the feedback will be and also if there are any kinks in the system. We’re looking at it one step at a time.”

Environment Canada has already maxed out the number of iPhone testers for the app. If you’re an Android user and you want to test it out you can find more details here.