It’s about time to turn off the lights and lock up your cottage for the winter.

But, the OPP says there are a few things you should keep in mind before you turn the key. Sergeant Jason Folz says be mindful of the more expensive items in your cottage that may be attractive to potential burglars.

“Thieves are opportunistic and what happens is people leave a lot of valuable things at these cottages,” says Folz. “(You should) remove anything of value to you at the end of the season.”

Folz says taking a few extra minutes to make sure all doors and windows are locked can make all the extra difference.

He also suggests, if possible, having a neighbour or friend check in on your property from time to time over the winter months.

“That always goes a long way to have that sense of community, being able to have that person that lives at the lake the whole time check on your property.”