Canadians will not be intimidated.  We will be prudent, but we will not panic.  Harper says here we are in our seats in the heart of our government.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper is addressing the House of Commons in the aftermath of the tragic events on Parliament Hill.  He is thanking the other federal leaders for their encouraging words last night.  Harper says in our system in our country we are opponents but never enemies.  We are all Canadians.  We will always stand together for our country.  We are experiencing the outpouring of warmth and good wishes from Canadians across the country and we thank them, all of us.  Harper says many questions remain unanswered; the objective of the attacks was to instill fear and panic and interrupt the government.

Harper says work to strengthen security in this country will be expedited.  He says the most disturbing thing, is that both attacks of terror in the recent days on our country’s soil were carried out by Canadian citizens.  Harper says we live in a dangerous time, but the mission of our country and our parliament goes on.  The Prime Minister concludes his speech by honouring all members of our security officers and a special thanks to Sergeant of Arms Kevin Vickers.  A thanks answered with thunderous applause.