Monck Public School is trying to win funding for a new accessible playground and needs your help.

The Bracebridge based school is hoping to install a playground that will truly allow the community to use and enjoy, including those with mobility issues.

The Aviva Community Fund has encouraged communities across the country to submit what are called ‘Small Ideas’ and ‘Big Ideas’ for consideration. Online voting with members of the public will provide final ratings, with 50 Small Ideas each receiving $10,000, while the Big Idea will get to a judging round of 10, with three chances of a $100,000 first prize and $15,000 second prize.

The Monck Big Idea is up against 187 other big ideas across the country and currently has 2,787 votes.

Monck Public has submitted a playground design that will implement a number of large changes to its existing structure. The idea is to have a playset not only for the 700 students at the school but the extended community that would use it when visiting the school.

In its submission to the Aviva website the school said, “The community of Bracebridge does not currently have a public accessible playground and we feel it is important that all families can access a safe and accepting play space that meets all entry points of children’s play.”

Each person can vote ten times from their device, computer, etc. and the Trillium Lakeland District School Board and Monck Public School are encouraging people to vote by clicking here.

Voting for this round concludes October 4th, 2018.