A new documentary with a partial focus on Fenbrook Institution in Gravenhurst is questioning the direction of Canada’s justice system.  Andrew Gregg, director of State of Incarceration says the crime rate in Canada is at a 40 year low, but the federal government still plans to add more 2,700 new prison cells across the country.

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In the documentary Gregg interviews Fenbrook Institution inmate, Greg McMaster who is American and is currently serving time for murdering three Canadians and a Minnesota police officer in 1978.

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We contacted Correctional Services Canada and they told us they provide access to effective rehab programs to all federal offenders that need it during their sentences. In the interests of public safety, CSC also offers offenders education and employment training to successfully reintegrate back them back into society.

CSC says “correctional programs enhance public safety results by making offenders accountable for their behaviour, changing attitudes and beliefs, and teaching skills that can be used to monitor and manage problematic behaviour.” State of Incarceration will air on local television Thursday, October 9th at 9pm.