Photo of Scarlett and Amanda Seymour provided by Amanda Seymour

Muskoka is rallying around a Port Sydney girl who’s spending the first year of her life in the hospital.

A fundraiser has been organized to help Scarlett Isabella Seymour’s family.  She was born on July 12th with a birth defect called an omphalocele. Scarlett’s mother, Amanda Seymour, says that means “basically her insides are on the outside of her body. Her liver, stomach, gallbladder, and bowels are outside.” The baby has also been diagnosed with scoliosis because of the weight of the omphalocele pulling on her spine.

The fundraiser is meant to help Seymour and Scarlett’s father Jacob with the costs of travelling to SickKids in Toronto, their time at Ronald McDonald House, and with other medical expenses like the cost of the equipment Scarlett will need when she’s eventually released from the hospital.

“Some lovely parents from Monck Public School decided that they wanted to give back to myself, and to Jacob and to Scarlett,” said Seymour.

A number of local restaurants have signed up. The fundraiser is a 12-course sit-down tasting happening on the Lady Muskoka in Bracebridge. There will be live music to entertain the guests as well. Organizers say 100 per cent of the proceeds of the event will be donated to the family.

Seymour says the financial cost related to Scarlett’s condition has been immense. “My husband has taken on a second job just to help support as well.  He’s taking care of everything at home, while I’m taking care of everything here.  It’s a tough go, but we make it work.”

When she heard about the fundraiser Seymour says she was shocked and overwhelmed. “I appreciate all the love and dedication that everyone has put in, and we can’t thank everybody enough.  Thank you so much for your support. Scarlett is doing so much better these days and I think it’s just coming from everyone caring and the love we’re all receiving.”

The fundraiser for Scarlett is happening on Monday starting at 5:00pm.  The event has sold out, but you can still donate to the family through the GoFundMe campaign.

Photo of Scarlett provided by Amanda Seymour

Photo of Scarlett and Jacob Seymour provided by Amanda Seymour