There could soon be a run on laundry detergent in Muskoka.

The 8th Annual Mud Run at Morrison Meadows Park in Bracebridge is happening next month. Kids are encouraged to run through the muddiest bogs the area has to offer to help raise money for some local charities.

Laundry day is going to be grimy after the 8th Annual Mud run on October 12th in Bracebridge. (Mud Run Photo)

The organizers are a couple of retired Monck Public School teachers, Ellen Yeo and Andy Zeltkalns. They’re expecting 35 schools and up to 1200 kids will participate in the event.

It raises money for organizations like the Muskoka Children’s Foundation,  Olympian Dara Howell’s sports fund to develop athletes, the YWCA and Community Living South Muskoka that owns Morrison Meadows Park.

In a typical year, the event will raise between $2,000 and $4,000 and has raised over $20,000 since its inception.

“We get schools from all over the area and from North Bay and Timmins,” says Zeltkalns.

Participants range from grade three to the eighth grade with younger students taking on a 1.5 km course and the older students doing a three km loop.

The trails go through open fields, forest trails and a number of particularly messy mud holes. It is a rare event that the organizer hopes for a bit of rain prior, to make things that much more messy.

One year there was a bit too much rain and adjustments had to be made. “We diverted past a certain area because it was just too swampy,” Zeltkalns says with a laugh. “It was so muddy at a certain point you don’t want the kids to get bogged down.”

The event takes place Friday, October 12th, all day at Morrison Meadows Park. For more information visit the event website by clicking here.