The province is looking to make access to snowmobile safety easier through online training.

Safety training and licensing for snowmobilers will now be available online thanks to a collaboration between the Ontario government and the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs.

The idea is to make safety and licensing training more accessible throughout the province.

“We recognize that safety is critical and it starts with proper rider training and licensing,” says John Yakabuski, Minister of Transportation.

The Executive Director for the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, Ryan Eickmeier echoes Yakabuski’s comments.

“With the development of the online option, it’s anticipated that safety and licensing training will serve a great number of people in many more areas throughout the province,” says Eickmeier in a statement.

President of the Muskoka Sno-bombers Club, Kevin Alexander says he is only just learning of the program but is still rolling out classroom sessions later this year with in-class instructors.

“We have in class sessions scheduled to take place this season taught by our instructors locally in Bracebridge,” wrote Alexander in a Facebook message.

The Federation and the province helps oversee 32,000 kilometres of trails, creating recreation for local riders and drawing in tourists from around Canada and the USA.