A Town of Bracebridge councillor would like to see the town partner with the District of Muskoka in paving some bike/pedestrian paths.

Bracebridge Councillor Mark Quemby wants a dedicated active transportation/bicycle/pedestrian lane that will eventually complete a loop that is currently enjoyed by residents.

The proposed paving, which would be done in conjunction with the District’s paving schedule, would create a safer corridor when used by cyclists and walkers. Currently, on parts of the route, users need to share the road with vehicles.

It would run from Golden Beach Road at the intersection of Santa’s Village Road to Muskoka Road 118, to Wellington Street and back to Santa’s Village Road. It would connect with the proposed bicycle/pedestrian lane on Santa’s Village Road.

A potential issue may be properties that will lose some frontage and in some cases a tree though some discussions around replacing those trees are taking place. It will be discussed at Wednesday night’s general committee meeting.