Will pot be allowed at your child’s college or university?

Parents who are sending their Muskoka area kids off to the province’s dozens of college and university campuses will find an unclear policy when it comes to the pending legalization of pot next month.

In October, kids 19 and over will be able to buy pot legally online, but whether their school will allow them to consume it really depends on where they are going for post-secondary education.

Carleton University in Ottawa is set to ban the smoking of pot on its campus, while Ottawa U says students may smoke it in their dorm room if a ruling comes out that their residence is deemed a private home.

Most schools are applying a ban similar to cigarettes in terms of smoking.

In Quebec, McGill University has issued a total ban on the consumption of cannabis in any form including edibles.

Niagara College is unclear on its smoking policy but is offering a course on how to grow commercial-grade marijuana as a full credit option this fall.

In terms of general use of cannabis, the provincial government has banned its use in public, meaning using pot is restricted to smoking in private homes.