On the weekend the Canadian National Exhibition wraps up its 140th season, a local fall fair is about to turn 133 years old.

The Stisted Fall Fair happens Saturday, September 8th at the fairgrounds west of Huntsville (take Muskoka Rd. #3 to Etwell Rd. to Ashworth Rd.).

The Stisted Fall Fair could almost be described as a cross between a fair and a time machine. All the activities stay pretty much true to the events in the early days of the community fair started in 1885.

From sack races and egg throwing to the exciting sport of shoe-kicking, it was a wild time in the late 1800s.

There is not even electricity or running water at the fairgrounds, nor a generator for the basics.

There are also craft competitions, farm-based challenges and in case you think it is all amateur based fun, prize money is on offer as well.

A first place win won’t require you registering with the Canada Revenue Agency for undeclared income. Prize money remains as it was at the start. First place, $1, second place 50 cents.

Despite clinging to old traditions, if you need to find out more go to the fair website by Clicking Here!