How healthy is Georgian Bay and are we making things better or worse?

The Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve is hoping to answer these questions with a presentation in Parry Sound tomorrow night. Scientist David Bywater will present his findings in the recent State of the Bay report.

Bywater says there are a few environmental factors they look at in order to get an idea of the overall health of Georgian Bay. “Water quality, lower food web, fish communities and some of the threats that we’re facing as well like climate change.”

Bywater says the data in this report is used by other environmental conservation organizations and university researchers and is presented to local municipal officials.

“(We) try to find people who are interested in helping to better understand conditions that we’re finding out on the bay,” says Bywater. “We do a lot of outreach to local (municipal) councils and First Nations councils as well, just so that local decision-makers are aware of the work that we’re doing and the key findings.”

The presentation is being held at the Museum on Tower Hill at 7:00pm.

But, if you can’t make that meeting, you can find the full report on the State of the Bay website.