Scouting still plays a vital role in the development of kids.

That is the word from Deputy Area Commissioner for Scouting Shawn Forth.

“I think Scouting has never been more important,” Forth offers. “It’s important that kids do have time away from screens and electronics.”

Despite that, the modern scout can now get a merit badge for understanding the use of apps and personal electronics. Scouts Canada has been around since 1914.

There is an open house in Bracebridge for prospective Scouts, that will include representation from the Huntsville and Gravenhurst troops.

“Scouting is a great way to encourage youth to come out of their shell, to learn new skills they have never tried before and to make a lot of friends,” says Forth.

For those new to Scouting, Forth outlines some of the things boys and girls can expect when they join an area troop.

“Anyone who gets involved in scouting can expect a lot of outdoor activities, and a lot of leadership activities,” he explains. “What Scouts really does is prepare our children to be future leaders.”

The open house takes place Thursday, September 6th, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Rotary Centre for Youth, 131 Wellington St, Bracebridge. Registration is available on site.

At the open house, Forth says you will see leaders working with the various ages of Scouts on activities and it is a chance to interact with both leaders and participants to find out what it is all about.