Boat traffic could be heavy in Minett on Saturday.

The Friends of Muskoka are organizing a boat rally to protest a proposed subdivision development. They are hoping to gather up to 500 boats and 200 jet skis in a flotilla with the group honking their collective horns at 2:30 at Wallace Bay off Minett on Lake Rosseau.

The concept is to replicate the increased boat traffic that will be seen if the redevelopment of Cleveland’sHouse by Freed Developments goes to completion.

“It’s really testing the recreational carrying capacity of Wallace Bay,” says a spokesman for the group Jordan Richards.

In a sales piece, Freed Developments outlines plans for up to 1500 condo units with accompanying public space, docks, bars, and restaurants. In the same piece, it also mentions an Ontario Municipal Board approval for up to 3,600 units.  The Friends of Muskoka tout a higher number of 4,000 units through all phases of development.

In a piece promoting the protest, the upcoming municipal election is a target. Specifically, they want mayoral candidates incumbent Don Furniss, Terry Ledger and Phil Harding along with prospective councillors to be aware how the community feels about the expansion.

“Now we have a council that voted unanimously, notwithstanding the mayor and one councillor, to support a  freeze in Minett,” he says.

Richards is not against development, he just wants developers to abide by the same rules as people building seasonal housing in the area in terms of environmental assessment and compliance. Freed Developments would be working under a resort development plan which has different tolerances.