$1 million dollars. That is what two benefactors to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation have donated today.

The huge gift was received from the Sprott Foundation, which is administered by Eric and Vizma Sprott.

The Oakville residents have spent a lot of years in the Muskoka Region as seasonal homeowners, says Katherine Craine, the Executive Director of the Huntsville Hospital Foundation.

“They have been appreciative of care we have given family members previously,” she explains.

The large donation will allow the Hospital to move forward on buying key modern equipment to keep the care provided on the leading edge.

In a statement, Vizma Sprott said “Eric and I love being on the lake and being part of this wonderful community. It is our great pleasure to be able to make this donation to the Hospital.”

Husband Eric expanded on that, noting, “We have had occasion to use the hospital and we’re grateful it is there, especially as we spend more time in this community. We wanted to know what we could do to help.”

The recent decision by Muskoka Algonquin Health Care to provide a two-hospital system in Huntsville and Bracebridge makes gifts like these important to the funding and improvement in the care that can be provided.

“The staff and physicians at the hospital were honoured and humbled that the Sprotts chose to make an investment into urgent equipment needs at Huntsville Hospital,” said Craine.

Annually the Huntsville Hospital needs $3 million to buy new equipment and upgrade technology. This is on top of funding provided by the government.

Craine said while the substantial donation from the Sprott’s makes a huge difference, equally important are all the donations that residents make through events, Christmas fundraisers, and the Business Cares donation program.

“Those all add up to around $1.5 million per year as well,” Craine said.