You can add axe throwing while hiking as a new activity.

Bush Poker Axe Muskoka is an extension of the popular axe throwing leagues that have popped up around the province. The difference with this type of competition is it that it is outdoors and it is a team competition.

Jaime Honderich is the owner of Bush Poker Axe Muskoka and he started things out with normal axe throwing targets before coming up with the big idea.

Standard axe throwing takes place in a confined indoor or outdoor space with wood targets. The Huntsville based Bush Poker Axe takes you on a hike that totals about a kilometre, with stations featuring a variety of targets.

The Poker aspect has players throwing the axe at a board with numbers and symbols from 2 to K for King, and a second, smaller target with the four card suits.

Players work together to create the best poker hand over the course, and the final station features a chance to bag some Aces for your hand but on moving targets.

“We have an award called the Four Aces Award for hitting all four targets and almost miraculously the first two people got their name on the reward last week,” he says with a laugh. “And they were rookies!”

The fun doesn’t end with the summer either.

“The only thing that stops us is lightning,” he explains. “We operate when it is raining, or snowing, just dress for the weather.”

The company just opened in July. For more information, you can Click Here!

Two recent axe throwers who went 4 for 4 on getting aces on a moving target. (Supplied Photo)