Teach the current curriculum. That is the word from the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario and its local unions.

Karen Bratina is the President of the Trillium Lakelands Elementary local union and says teachers in her board do not have to worry when it comes to teaching the current sex ed curriculum.

Bratina says teachers don’t want to necessarily go against the government but it has to worry about the safety of the students.

She says, in essence, all teachers are doing is building on top of the existing curriculum and updating the information to the latest standards.

“It’s irresponsible of them to revert back to a curriculum from 1998,” she says.

She also questions MPs that call the reverted curriculum as 2014 teaching material. That is the date the liberal government switched to its new curriculum from the 1998 information. It was not material curated in the era of the internet, changing social values, and the various other changes seen in education during that time.

The next step is to let the teachers in her board know what the official stance of the board and the union is when it comes to the sex ed curriculum they can teach.

“I am anticipating we will have messaging sent out to our teachers early,” she offers. “By late August or early September to put them at ease and let them know they have the full support and endorsement of their union.”

MyMuskokaNow.com reached out to the Trillium Lakeland District School Board for comment and communications officer Laura Blaker pointed to a July 23rd open letter posted by the board as their current stand on the issue of the sex ed curriculum.

In that letter, it states the board, “will continue to seek ways to continue to teach these students these very important lessons through the various curriculum guidelines we follow.”

Blaker says there will be no further statement until the board meets again at the end of the month.