Most of us have likely done it at one time or another. Stand at a bus stop and wonder where our ride is.

People in Bracebridge have to wonder no more. Real-Time Map technology has arrived for the ‘Ride the Wave’ bus.  Using your smartphone, tablet or computer Global Positioning Systems technology tracks the bus’ position in real time giving riders down to the minute information about when the bus will arrive at their stop.

The system also updates riders on the next two estimated times of arrival.

“‘Where’s the Bus’ will allow riders to easily check the bus’ location while on the go, and to see notices regarding detours or events,” the Bracebridge Transit wrote in a press release.

The bus does a one hour circuit of the town from Monday to Saturday in the more urban area of town.

One clear advantage will be the management of the on the go routing of the bus. Accidents, road closures, construction will all be conveyed to users so they know when there is a change to the schedule.

For full info on how to download this technology for your phone and to learn more about “Ride the Wave” Click Here.