MacTier residents are benefiting from a local man’s search for knowledge about Austrian Food.

Henrie Thoeringer, who went to school in MacTier and Parry Sound, went to Austria to learn at one of the most influential restaurants and a top-notch cooking school. He even won a coveted Golden Spoon competition.

Now, with all that culinary knowledge on board he has opened a restaurant in his hometown, called fittingly Chef Henrie’s Bistro and Cafe.  “I thought we have the opportunity to work hard, buy a place and fix it up,” says Thoeringer. Open since May 19th he has been pleased by the reaction. His goal was to have something very nice but not too expensive.

The signature dish is the schnitzel, a battered and fried pork cutlet served with potato wedges. He says when describing the style to those who have not experienced it “a lot of people might think German or Hungarian but it is its own style.” It is a small menu, but it is changed up regularly says Thoeringer.


Photo of the bistro, supplied