The Alzheimer Society of Muskoka has moved and it wasn’t by choice. A flood of sewage during last week’s heavy rain has forced the agency to move to another office within their complex.

Karen Quemby is the executive director and says it happened rather quickly with a back-up in a connecting pipe from another office surging up through their washroom.

Staff acted quickly in getting papers, electronics and anything else that was on a lower shelf up to a higher and dryer position. Next, it is getting the communications back online.


Quemby says she appreciates the coverage the incident has received so that clients will know to look for the new temporary space. Her office neighbours are also being helpful in accepting deliveries and conveying information to visitors looking for the office.


The Muskoka Alzheimers society has over 500 registered clients which include a mix of in-office, phone and out service calls.

The Alzheimer Society moved this past May into their new offices at 440 Ecclestone Dr., Unit 17, in Bracebridge but have now shifted to unit 13 for what is going to be at least two months while repairs take place.