Premier Doug Ford confirmed this morning Muskoka is one of four regions losing voting rights for a Regional Chairman in the upcoming Municipal election.

Current District of Muskoka Chair John Klinck says Ford’s announcement comes as a surprise.


Klinck said he is also disappointed in one of Ford’s opening statements.


Klinck questioned the timing of the whole decision.

“The timing associated with all of this is a little bit odd,” he said. “The fundamentals of democracy are really questions that should be put to the people of the respective municipalities.”

Moving forward Klinck says there will be an immediate review of the regional chair voting process.

“Our District of Muskoka procedural by-law will have to be revisited and reinstituted if the legislation passes,” Klinck concluded.

Klinck, Hugh Mackenzie, and Gord Adams have all put in nomination paperwork for the regional chair position.

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