With the population of Muskoka increasing in the thousands every weekend through the summer, the number of driving complaints to the OPP increases by a huge number as well.

Stunt driving, distracted driving, and impaired driving all top the watchlist for Bracebridge OPP, but Constable Samantha Bigley says having the public as the eyes and ears in such a wide area is helpful:

Bigley says the advent of in-car video systems helps identify issues as well, especially when it is a criminal complaint:

In terms of how they catch so many stunt drivers in the area, Bigley says it is more likely than not a visitor from the Greater Toronto Area with a high-end car gets caught breaking the speed limit in a big way. She says some drivers with a fancy car do not take well to it being impounded for seven days:

Catching speeders tends to be more efficient from a stationary position versus a mobile police car that would have to turn around and give chase:

Police are extra vigilante over the weekend periods, so the advice is follow the rules and don’t attract attention or your fellow motorists are likely to report any bad behaviour, through the use of cell phone footage, dash cams or just calling it into the local detachment.