Have you spotted something you couldn’t quite explain in Muskoka’s sky?

A new report suggests this type of sighting is not unusual in Muskoka or across Canada. Ufology Research based in Manitoba has released an annual report on UFO activity across the country for over two decades. In the 2017 release, two sightings were reported in the Muskoka area. In late June, someone in Bracebridge spotted nearly a dozen spherical objects flying faster than satellites as they raced across the sky. And in South River, a witness reported a bright sphere coming very close one August night before flying away.

Researchers also detailed a January encounter just north of Parry Sound in French River. The two witnesses were reportedly terrified as a variety of colourful orbs approached them slowly before flying away. This report was listed as unexplained by the centre.

This isn’t Muskoka’s first brush with the unexplained either as there were three UFO sightings reported to the research centre in 2016. Overall, just over 1,100 sightings were reported across Canada last year. You can find more details on the research site here.

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