The Royal Canadian Mounted Police. While the word mounted is in their name, Mounties stopped using horses in active duty in 1936. But for well over 100 years the RCMP Musical ride has been thrilling Canadians coast to coast- and on Saturday the town of Burk’s Falls is hosting the 32 horse and rider complement that performs complicated moves to a musical soundtrack.

Constable Chris Kehoe is in his third year of the ride and says performance days are big for both riders and horses and his mount can sense when it is show time:

He says with twice daily groomings of the horse and daily riding drills, the horse is always in a mood to do well for its rider:

The best feeling the Mounties get is when the crowd is getting into the music and clapping, but also knowing that big fundraising is taking place in each community that they perform:

You can see the Musical Ride at the Burk’s Falls Fairgrounds presented by the Armour, Ryerson and Burk’s Falls Agricultural Society starting at 3:00pm.  A number of demonstrations and musical performances are taking place prior to the start of the ride. You can find more details at this website.

Constable Chris Kehoe (Centre) receiving the ‘Steele Spur Award’ from the Veterans Association. RCMPVA Photo