The TSX is gaining as Wall Street takes a break across the border for Independence Day.
Cannabis is the winner as the health sector is boosting the Toronto exchange up 38 points to 16,301.

But, experts say investor sentiment is subdued today as the US prepares to hit China with over $34 billion in trade tariffs on Friday. The Chinese are prepared to retaliate against the trade attack as well. President Trump may also slap the EU with a 20 per cent tariff on auto trade when he returns from his July 4th holiday.

Crude prices are steady following a rally that took US crude to 75 dollars, a milestone for the price. US crude is currently at 73.81 a barrel.

The Loonie is flat at 76 cents US.

Enbridge is cutting more fat as the company looks to lower its debt. Just over $4 billion worth of natural gas facilities in Albert and BC are part of the proposed selloff. The deal still needs to be approved by provincial officials and the feds.