Site preparation is underway for a new gas station in Bracebridge.

The pumps will be put in place on Cedar Lane near the Taylor Road roundabout, an area Bracebridge municipal officials have referred to as a dry spot for locals and visitors. The man behind the build, San Patel, says he saw the need for a gas station in this part of town and was willing to put in the investment.

Patel says it hasn’t been easy bringing this build to life, as he’s spent a few years planning and making a lot of phone calls.

Patel says the final contractor negotiations are wrapping up and he’s hoping to have the gas station ready for use by the start of 2019. He says the station will feature options for your gas tank, your car and your stomach.

Mayor Graydon Smith says the town is thrilled Patel has taken on this endeavour to fill the need in this underserviced part of town.

Patel is the current owner of the Travelodge on Taylor Road.

Sandip Patel stands on land being cleared for new gas station in Bracebridge. Photo submitted by James Bowler, 99.5 Moose FM, Vista Radio