With temperatures in the mid to high 30s predicted for this weekend, it is important to not forget the comfort of our four-legged friends as we head out this Canada Day. Bob Davidson is one of the owners along with wife Pam of the Huntsville Highlands Pet Resort. He says hot weather should be of great concern to dog and cat owners.

The best thing you can do, he says, is to keep them indoors. But failing that, be aware of just how hot the pavement is and avoid taking pets for walks later in the day because burns to the paw pads are possible:

He says don’t just pay attention to the dog’s feet, there are other signs to look for if your pet is overheating:

He also says a pet cannot get enough water on hot days. Have water on hand and use wet cloths or towels to help moderate their temperature as well:

Davidson concluded by saying the July and August long weekends are the times with the highest instances of runaway pets because of fireworks. Your dog should be inside or tied up before the fireworks start because they can quickly get lost in the thick woods of Muskoka.