Healthcare concerns were front and centre at Bracebridge’s mayoralty debate last night. Resident Dan Waters asked the candidates what they’d do to get people motivated to save Muskoka’s two local hospitals. Mayor Graydon Smith said tonight at council a motion will be passed to ask Muskoka Algonquin Healthcare (MAHC) to provide greater consultation on their preferred option for the two hospitals’ futures. Smith says he’s been clear with MAHC about wanting to talk with them about additional greenfield sites and to put them in touch with developers so they can actualize the value of the land the current Bracebridge hospital is on. Smith also says both Huntsville and Bracebridge need acute care facilities. Candidate Phil Kolyn believes an addition could be built at the back of the current hospital site and that the helicopter landing pad could go on the roof. Kolyn agreed with Smith that both Towns need their hospitals.