June is seniors month in Ontario and Muskoka District’s senior wellness outreach co-ordinator Katelynn Laarakker has a number of events organized for seniors around the area.

She says one of the unique ways that the District of Muskoka connects with its nearly 300 members in the ten WISE Clubhouse locations. WISE stands for Wellness Initiatives for Seniors Engaged. While running a number of different programs through the year, the big thing that helps reach their key stakeholders is bringing the programming to the small towns and villages in the region, eliminating transportation as an issue.

Locations include Bracebridge, Milford Bay, Port Carling, Ryde, Severn Bridge, Torrance, Port Severn, MacTier, Ullswater and Baysville.

The theme for seniors in June is Strawberry Social, with Impact cafe in Gravenhurst offering up cooking for one lessons for seniors and strawberry infused baking at their various WISE locations.


For more info on the programs for seniors, you can go to www.muskoka.on.ca.