There you are, minding your own business when your cell phone rings and it is a person claiming to be an officer from the Canada Revenue Agency – and if you don’t call them back, the police will be at your doorstep in short order.

Police in various agencies have been inundated for a couple of years now about these fake CRA calls, but the bad news is there isn’t a lot to be done. The OPP recently put out a directive on who to contact to report these mis-deeds but other than coallating statistics, not much will be done from an investigative perspective.


The important thing to remember is the CRA, even if you forgot to file on time this year, will never send the police to drag you off to jail until your tax debt is resolved. For now it is nothing more than an annoyance like the Duct Cleaning calls that besieged people a couple of years ago. Because it all happens offshore there is not much to be done.


If you still want to report it call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre – at 1-888-495-8501 – no credit card required! Or you can go to to report it on the Anti Fraud website.