Canada’s main stock market was up today with Enbridge and the materials and financial sectors leading the way. It was a different story in the US though as investors reacted to a growing North American trade dispute.

The TSX closed the day 70 points higher at 16,122 as copper prices climbed. On Wall Street investors took in new Mexican tariffs on American pork and bourbon, in retaliation for US President Donald Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum.

Trump’s top economic advisor said today the president is looking to negotiate separate deals with Canada and the United States. The Dow Jones closed at 24,799, 13 points lower, after making back some steeper losses from earlier in the day.

And in afterhours trading oil is up 60 cents to $65.35 U.S. per barrel, gold is up $3.50 to $1300.80 an ounce, and the loonie down a third of a cent to 77.04 cents U.S.