The provincial election is now just a day away, but the news from the weekend that the Liberals were conceding power came as a surprise to most pundits.

Moose FM reached out to area candidates to get reaction, and there were some interesting perspectives on offer.

Erin Horvath, the Parry Sound Muskoka NDP candidate was not overly suprised at Liberal Leader Kathleen Wynne’s concession on Saturday, but views it as a pragmatic thing to do for the democratic process in general:


Horvath, who is no relation to NDP leader Andrea (the names are actually spelled differently) says the whole experience of running in an election has been interesting and she has learned a lot about what affects voters at the local level:


In terms of where her party will stand on Thursday, she is hopeful that overall the NDP message will sway enough folks to prevent a Doug Ford led PC government.