The OPP will be cracking down on unsafe drivers heading into the May long weekend.

Between May 15th and the 21st, Constable Philippe Regamey says local officers will be taking part in a provincial ‘Road Safety Week’ blitz. He says they will be on the lookout for those taking part in the big four dangerous driving behaviours.

Regamey says police will be targeting these practices because they are the biggest factors behind people being killed on Ontario’s roads. Ultimately, the hope is to cut them out completely through education and enforcement.

All of these crimes come with fines and demerit points added to your driver’s licence, which can vary. Regamey says fines for distracted driving go up every year because it is the number one factor behind deaths on Ontario’s roads. But he also says impaired driving penalties can be very hefty.

Regamey says that you will also be faced with guilt if you end up hurting or killing someone because you didn’t obey the law on the road.

With files from Andreas Pandikiu.