The US is reporting a major drop in the unemployment rate.

164,000 jobs were added in April and the US unemployment rate has hit a 17.5 year low at 3.9 per cent. Experts say there are no signs of a jump in inflation, but analysts still give a 90 per cent chance of the Federal Reserve increasing the interest rate in June.

China says it still has major problems with America’s idea of a trade agreement despite some headway being made while the two sides meet in Beijing.

The Loonie is down to 77.77 cents US following a report on a growing trade deficit in Canada up to 4.14 billion despite growth in imports.

Oil is up to 68.86 a barrel.

Weight Watchers shares jumped 8.3 per cent 75.70 a share with most subscribers ever reported in latest quarter.

Twitter’s password problems have been costly for the company as it’s shares dropped 1.4 per cent after it announced user passwords were left open to viewing within the company computer network.